The 2nd methodology for tokenomics is developed on Rocket DAO

Are you ready for an alternative tokenomics' evaluation methodology? Alexander Grablevski and Inga Gicheva did an excellent job! 


In contrast with the methodology for tokenomics risks developed by Sergei Lavrinenko, in the methodology we are glad to present to you today the authors describe token economy (tokenomics) as a set of rules (institutes) for internal interaction between projects’ participants based on a specific unit of value - token.

The aim of the methodology is to evaluate project’s token economy through designed criteria:

  • Blockchain usage rationality: is it rational to use blockchain as an underlying technology for the project?
  • Incentivization: evaluation of token-usage incentives, token liquidity and velocity of tokens;
  • Token economy modeling: economical modelling makes it possible to detect tokenomic’s bottlenecks and avoid it;
  • Scalability: the ratio of tokenomics' ability to grow;
  • External influencers: the token economy should be resistant to external shocks;
  • Info-criteria assessment: such as decentralization ratio, types of tokens, underlying blockchain and token standard, initial token distribution.

Details are available via the link.

Which methodology suits better for project’s tokenomics? Share your opinion in Forum. Let's create perfect expert methodologies together! 

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