The 2nd methodology for evaluation project’s risks! Which one is the best? 

The 2nd methodology for evaluation project’s risks is developed!

There are 2 alternative methodologies for evaluation project’s risks developed so far on Rocket DAO! First one created by Sergey Mikhailov is focused on negative situations which might happen. Valery Kot’s methodology is more concentrated on the level of uncertainty and actions that might be done to decrease it. 

«Risk is a possible measured qualitatively or financially loss. The term "project risk" shows the degree of danger to the successful implementation of the project».

The methodology of Valery Kot is based on the following questions which an expert should answer:

  • How sustainable the project for possible risks is?
  • How does the possibility of project implementation depend on external and internal risks?
  • Is it possible to modify / adapt the project to take into account the impact of risks or changes in any circumstances?

And it is divided into the sections with possible sources of risks:

  • Project and team
  • Marketing and finance
  • Law
  • External factors

Look this methodology through via the link.

And the question for our expert community: which approach for risks evaluation better suits for evaluation of a blockchain project? Write you answer on our Forum and read the methodology in knowledge base

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