29 Dec, 2019
This summer we decided to enlarge our communication channels so that to spread a word about Rocket DAO and our activities to new geographic regions and audiences. That’s how Startup Jedi appeared. It is growing very fast and we, therefore, made a rational decision which is to move the Rocket DAO blog to it fully. 
Slush Helsinki
25 Nov, 2019

We're happy to share that the Rocket DAO team attended Slush this year! 
Want to know more about it?

8 Nov, 2019

Sergei Mikhailov - the author of the financial model and risks evaluation methodologies on the Rocket DAO platform - answered the questions of Andrew Miroshnichenko about the methods of the startup’s financial model evaluation, about the reasonable ways of evaluating a startup which cannot provide necessary data (because it doesn’t have any traction so far), and about the things an investor should pay attention to studying a financial plan.

6 Nov, 2019

We are pleased to invite you to have a cocktail and chat in an informal calm atmosphere after the busy Deal Day at Startup Week Tallinn!

value startup
23 Oct, 2019

Take this fun test, where you can get an approximate estimate of the valuation of your project quickly and free of charge.

Wait no more! The time to find out your value has come!

4 Oct, 2019

Why the topic of startup investment evaluation will attract the attention of the great number of experts? How realizable is this task — to find a method for determining the future unicorn in the early stages? How should the expert community for evaluating startups be organized?

Head of Experts Rocket DAO  Andrew Miroshnichenko telling about community of experts in venture evaluation.

startup tean
1 Oct, 2019

Sergei Lavrinenko, an author of the team evaluation methodology answered about different approaches of evaluating a team, intellectual capital and about the ways how to receive the right expertise to successfully develop a project.

startup event
26 Sept, 2019

We are glad to announce that we launched Startup Trainig Camp! Find the details in our article. 

24 Sept, 2019

What the role of the community in the expert’s life and what motivates experts? What are the limitation of these communities? Head of Experts Rocket DAO Andrew Miroshnichenko about Future of Expert Communities: Part 2. 

19 Sept, 2019

About marketing of a startup, ecosystem-based approach to the market and hypothesis testing tools - in a new interview with Rocket DAO expert on market parameters - Alexandr Drobyshevski!